Monday, February 6, 2012

Hao has been sighted

Hey folks, Hao came into chat for a very little bit tonight. He has indeed been having issues coordinating bank and Paypal payments. Good news... chat stays up!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012 appears to be up

It appears that the room is once again accessible using the link. More later.

I discovered that the domain is good until 2013, and registered to hao. Maybe things are less unstable than we thought.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Everything's all right

OK, a lot of you lovely peeps who read the blog entry immediately before this one thought the purpose of the blog was fund raising. NO. NO it is not about fund raising. :)

I have the costs covered or I would not be proposing we do this. It's just nice to not be the only one who cares about it, you know.

So if you can, great, and if you can't, the rest of us will.

Cheers, speedwell

How to do your part

Members and prospective members, please consider contributing something to the cost of development. These costs could include:
  • Purchasing the domain names (~75 USD for each of the domain names, depending on bidding)
  • Purchasing the same chat software we use today (~300 USD for the software licensing)
  • Rent a server in a country with good protections for free speech (~15 USD a month) 
  • Various monthly upkeep charges
  • Scheduled upgrades to the software, renewal of domains and hosting agreements
I have set up a Moneybookers account for donations. In order to use Moneybookers, you will go in and sign up for an account at (it is changing its name to "Skrill" for some unexplainable reason). Then send your donation in any amount to badgersdaughter (at) gmail (dot) com.

If the development effort is not successful, I will return donations, less any amount spent on the development so far, in proportion to the amount originally donated. Alternatively, I will donate any of the remaining money to a secular charity.  If hao returns in time to sort everything out, I propose to turn the proceeds over to him.

Please leave your comments and questions below.